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We present you AherontMedia ad network

Premium Advertisers
Top brands coming from Fortune 500 companies

We're specialised in securing premium display inventory, from top-brands, providing our publishers with some of the best looking ads at industry leading CPM's.

Our philosophy is that professional ads should strive to compliment web-properties they run on, not degrade user experience or ignore it.

Top Publishers
Premium websites with high-reach

Established websites reaching wide audiences and delivering brand-safe impressions. Each publisher goes through rigorous inclusion process, before being able to participate in our network.

Your brand deserves to show next to a great content, in a complementary environment - no more, and no less.

Hyper-targeting. RTB. Ad Exchanges.

No matter how small or big of a client you are - we understand it's you who make our business exist. Our support is direct, responsive, and goes that extra mile to confirm all questions have been answered by our industry leading professionals who understand your technical and business requirements.

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Some perks we bring to our valued Publishers

Insight in programmatic auctions that happen behind the scene

When you place our IAB standard units on your website, all ads will be served through an ad unit belonging to the appropriate tag. Page location where ads will be served depends on where you placed our tag codes.

When a visitor arrives at your website, we use our proprietary technology in combination with Google's Double-click ad server, where automated auction takes place. This all lasts only fraction of a millisecond, so you don’t have to worry about our ads slowing down your site...


Top CPM rates in the industry

Highest paying ads are delivered straight to your website, and you are reimbursed accordingly. Our network CPM values range from $2 - $15.

Floors, custom rules and backups

CPM floors can be set at your own discretion. When we don't have a matching ad impression, suitable for received audience segment - we then default to your backup network, or house ads. This way you won't loose any valuable impressions, and your most valuable inventory will compete for top bucks.

High fill-rates, RTB and exchange access

We'll match you up with some of the highest-paying direct advertisers, along with top-tier exchange partners participating in our program. Moreover, you will be plugged into our RTB pool of more than 700 advertisers who will also be bidding and competing for remaining impressions. All of this happens automatically, in fraction of a millisecond.

Some company facts

Line item rates across network
Number of publishing clients
Number of participating websites
1 bln
1,212,084,315 ads delivered
Ad impressions served (*Feb/17/2015)

Advertiser's Corner

Geo targeting
Target your audience by specific region, country or hyper-locally

Great amount of location-specific targeting options suitable for all your advertising needs.

Mobile first
Mobile ads supported

Target your audiences by specific platform, screen dimensions or OS. Being it phones, tablets, iOS or Android devices.

Behavioural Targeting
Interest-based targeting

Using our proprietary cookie-based technology, you can target specific user-groups based on their recent behaviour and internet usage. Looking for users in NYC who recently purchased plane tickets? Want to present your campaign exclusively to web-shoppers? No problem!

IAB Rising-star units
Use large expandable to make your brand shine!

Being it 970x60, 970x250 push-downs, 300x1000 "project devil" sidebars... we support them all!

Analytics dashboard
Monitor your ad performance in real-time

Integrated analytics dashboard lets you monitor your campaign progress in-real time. Look out for self-serve programmatic campaign buying platform, soon to be included

24/7 Support
Phone, email or chat

Our specialists are available 24/7 to help with your campaign-specific, technical or marketing needs

Contact us

  • Publishers
    Own a high-profile, established site with quality content? Your traffic is dominantly arriving from North America, UK or Australia? Please contact us. It would be helpful if you additionally explained what your site is about, and don't forget to include traffic volume info, like number of unique visits you plan showing our ads to, along with monthly page views estimation. We'll then evaluate your website and get back to you shortly.
  • Advertisers
    Interested to find out more about participating in our exclusive network? Drop us a line. If you have some campaign-specific or marketing questions, be sure to include expected campaign flight-dates and marketing budget range. We'll have you covered in no-time.
  • Pilot-run
    If you're interested to give us a test run, being an advertiser or a publisher, but still have some concerns or second thoughts - don't worry. In this case, we may be able to set you up with a temporary, no-strings-attached, pilot-account. It helps to showcase our performance value to our potential clients. With our multi-day proof-of-concept pilot runs, you can evaluate if our network suits you needs, and only then decide will you be comfortable staying with us going forward.
  • Other
    If you have some specific business-related questions, are interested in potential partnership, want to hear more about our ad exchange inclusion process, do not hesitate to contact. Same goes for any technical difficulties or complaints about our service.