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For Publishers

Aheront Media is a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media, matching top publishers with premium advertisers.

Easy Set-Up and Easy Terms

We work with our publishers on a month-to-month non-exclusive contract and pay through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Our payment cycle is NET30, which means we send out wire transfers by the 30th day after the end of the month in which your revene was generated.

High Paying Brand Campaigns

Our in-market advertising sales team works with media agencies in the leading advertising markets around the country to promote the value of sites like yours to national brand advertisers. Aheront Media gives you high CPMs, quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site.

Publisher Brand Protection, Preventing malware in ads

We work with industry leading tools to scan our network and to protect your Brand and your visitors from all kinds of adware, malware, phishing and scammy ads. Beside using our in-house tools and technology, we use additional layer of protection by hosting our campaigns and serving them though industry leading Google's Doubleclick ad-serving tehcnology.
Google's proprietary technology and malware detection tools automatically and regularly check creatives. We also forbid fourth-party calls or sub-syndication to any advertisers or vendors we haven't certified. Our automated malware checker scans all creatives. Any ad that we detect distributing malware will be pulled to protect users from harm. Any Ad Exchange buyer whose creative is found to contain malware will be subject to a minimum three month suspension.
Additionally, we are actively working with trusted advertisers and partners to help prevent malware in ads. All publishers, ad networks and ad operations teams should follow security recommendations detailed at