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Publisher Solutions

Aheront Media is a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media, matching top publishers with premium advertisers.

How does it work?

When you place our standard network tags on your website, all ads we deliver will be served through an ad unit belonging to an appropriate tag.
When a visitor arrives at your website, we use our proprietary technology in combination with Google's Doubleclick ad server, where an automated auction takes place. This is all automated and lasts couple of a millisecond. You don’t have to have any concerns about our ads slowing down your site.
After impression quality has been determined, along with geographic location, assumed interest and assigned profile to the arriving visitor - we then compare all of these parameters, along with custom criteria (like your CPM floor rule), and then match it against our pool of advertisments eligible to be shown for a matching impression.
If there are no direct advertisers whose criteria match this unique impressions, automatic auction begins with 2nd pool of advertisers participating in our ad exchange. Each and every advertiser’s line item (ad) is then auctioned against your CPM floor and impression specifics. The winning bid is the one offering equal or more $ per desired impression. Winning ad is shown next.
If more than one advertiser wins this bid, and all of them are willing to match the price you have originally set, then they all participate in the next auction. Now they compete again against each other. Winning bid is the one paying premium on top other advertisers’ offer. The winning bid (ad) is then served to your visitor.

CPM Floors and Backup-ads

CPM floor option allows you to set minimal price for your ads. CPM (or RPM) is a standard term in advertising industry. It is short for "cost per mile" or price per 1,000 impressions.
CPM determines how much you get paid for every thousand impressions an ad has been shown to you visitors. Ie. if your CPM is $4.00, and ad network delivers 100,000 impressions to you at, or above this price, it means you have earned $400.
Depending on your CPM floor rule, the higher it is, the less % of inventory we will be able to fill. However, this is normal, and there is no risk for you to show empty space (blank ads) as you can provide us with your backup ad network tags (ie. Adsense) or your own house ads. These will automatically be shown instead when we don't have an ad to fill.